RTW System

Run-to-waste Hydroponic System

Layout of a run-to-waste hydroponic system with recirculating nutritive solution.
If you need to grow medium or long crop cycle vegetables, a closed-cycle run-to-waste system is the solution that best fits you. The 1.3-liter pot, together with the substrate (usually expanded clay), make it possible to get a good root density and oxygenation.
Functioning – A timer turns the pump on and the nutritive solution is pumped to a dripper, from where it is distributed onto the clay pebbles inside the pot. The nutrient solution that is not absorbed by the plant flows back to the reservoir, while the system sends fresh oxygen to the roots – which therefore grow more luxuriant.
Higher yields – Inside a run-to-waste pot, plants have higher yields because they get more oxygen than plants inside normal pots. Moreover, they can absorb more water and nutritive solution than in manually watered pots, as they are watered less but more often.
Healthy roots also in long living plants – Manual watering causes the air spaces in the soil to fill with water, thus reducing the oxygen available for the roots. On the contrary, run-to-waste systems are designed to keep a high oxygen level around the roots every single moment. Therefore, plants can be grown for longer periods, which leads to higher yields and a lower number of plants.
The system can be easily disassembled, inspected and cleaned,
All plastic material is non-toxic; the plastic of gullies and reservoir has a food certificate.

The Modular System

Due to its modular framework, our run-to-waste system, like our N.F.T. and aeroponic systems, can be requested in the size that best fits your needs.
The standard main gully on stock is of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 positions. The gullies where the pots are located we have on stock go from 1 metre to 6 metres.

Technology for everybody

The technology of soilless culture used for home systems.
Using the same technology of industrial systems, we can produce smaller systems for terraces, small gardens or family vegetable gardens.


A standard run-to-waste system, four 1-metre gullies and twenty 8 cm net pots.


A standard run-to-waste system, four 2-metre gullies and forty 8 cm net pots


A standard run-to-waste system, six 2-metre gullies and sixty 8 cm net pots.

Home Systems

Request a system according to your space and needs.
Now we offer also hybrid systems with both run-to-waste pots to grow tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and all leaf plants and N.F.T. gullies to grow lettuce, basil, aromatic herbs, strawberries and all small plants.
One of our latest products: hybrid system with 40 R.T.W. pots and 24 N.F.T. pots.
Anodised aluminium framework, reservoir and gullies made of plastic with food certificate, immersion pump manufactured in Italy.
The best technology at the best price.
All our systems are modular and can be tailor-made as far as both width and length are concerned.

Systems for Big Areas

Low expenses allow you to turn existing greenhouses with soil culture into a modern soilless hydroponic system.
The system supporting structure is made of zinc-coated steel or aluminium, and special supports can be added to avoid the plant stakes to lean against the greenhouse supporting structure.

Hybrid systems

We can manufacture systems working in several ways.
The picture shows the section of a system under construction: a R.T.W. part with drippers to grow aubergines and a N.F.T part to grow lettuce.