NFT System

N.F.T. Hydroponic Systems

N.F.T. hydroponic systems are the cheapest, easiest and most productive soilless culture systems. The nutrient solution is pumped through the fill tube lying on a tray, which is placed at an angle.
The nutrients flow through the roots forming a layer of about 2 mm. This way only the lower part of the roots benefits from the nutrients by absorbing what they need, while the remaining parts stay oxygenated.
Inside the drain tube a whirl is generated which brings a great amount of air into the reservoir, thus keeping the solution oxygenated and avoiding algae growth or residual deposits.
Only balcony and terrace systems are shown here, but given that the system is modular, it is possible to manufacture systems covering wide areas at a reduced cost, both on one level and even on two or three levels, as it happens for strawberries and salad.

NET pots

When used for home systems, the N.F.T. hydroponic system employs 5 cm pots, so that the roots can grow without getting tangled.
The 5 cm pot is used mainly to grow lettuce and aromatic herbs in all home systems.
Industrial systems to grow strawberries use 7.5 cm net pots.


A standard N.F.T. system, three 1-metre gullies and fifteen 5 cm net pots.

The modular solution Hydroinvent

The Hydroinvent modular project allows to compose the track number and the same length. The wire is cut in the head width measurement system and creates the premises where staying the channels. The standard measures of the head stock are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 positions, while the ducts where staying the jars are from 1 to 6 metres. The locking plug facilitates the insertion and extraction, making the system easy inspection and easy to clean. Immersion pump and tank are sized appropriately. The 20 x 20 aluminium frame with plastic joints, facilitates the work of Assembly.


A standard N.F.T. system, four 1-metre gullies and twenty 5 cm net pots.


A standard N.F.T system, four 2-metre gullies and forty 5 cm net pots.


A standard N.F.T system, six 2-metre gullies and sixty 5cm net pots.

N.F.T. and run-to-waste hybrid systems

As our systems are modular, our customers can set up a system with both N.F.T. and run-to-waste features, in order to grow different plants using only one system.
The N.F.T. system can be used to grow lettuce, chards, strawberries and aromatic plants, while the run-to-waste system can be used to cultivate tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, etc.

System assembling

A system with freshly planted vegetables!

System example

Here is an example of a hybrid system, mainly an N.F.T. system with 5 cm pots.

NFT version 1

The systems available on stock with the version 1 gully (1 metre x 6 pots) are the models with 18, 24 and 36 pots, with 3, 4 and 5 gullies respectively.

NFT version 2

The systems available on stock with the version 2 gully (2 metres x 12 pots) are the models with 36, 48 and 72 pots, with 3, 4 and 5 gullies respectively.

Picture showing a 2-metre hybrid system for 6 gullies (4 run-to-waste and 2 NFT).

System example

Example of a hybrid system for home greenhouse.
Twelve run-to-waste pots with drippers to grow tomatoes, peppers or similar plants, and 32 N.F.T. pots on two levels to grow lettuce.