Industrial systems

Work in progress: N.F.T. hydroponic system on 3 levels

Assembling of the system supporting structure.

Industrial systems

Hydroinvent designs and manufactures systems for protected cropping in greenhouses on request of the client.
We design and manufacture systems for greenhouses, from the supporting structures to the hydroponic system, and we cooperate with a firm specialized in nutritive solution and crop treatment systems. We work with consultant agronomists to provide you with technical support concerning seed choices. Besides, we provide assistance to help you with your system.
As our systems are modular, you can create a system with different features (N.F.T. or with run-to-waste pots), so that you can grow different crops in different areas.


Italian quality

All plastic and metal components are designed and manufactured in Italy using the best technology. The whole production process, from the extrusion of the plastic material to the assembling phase before delivery, is constantly supervised to get the highest possible quality.

Production capacity

After agreeing on the project, Hydroinvent manufactures your system in a very short time while keeping a high quality level. This is achieved thanks to the implementation of the newest extrusions systems and of the Flexible Manufacturing System to produce plastic and metal components using computer numerical control machines.

We Start From Your Greenhouse

Thanks to its modular system, Hydroinvent can transform your existing greenhouse into an absolutely modern soilless culture area.

We Save Energy

Using systems on more levels and last generation lighting systems you can reduce heating costs dramatically while keeping a high production capacity per cubic metre.

Greater flexibility

The demand of the vegetable market changes. Therefore, prices and profits change, as well. We offer you special pots that make it possible to grow different vegetables with the same system by simply opening or closing the space of a single pot.