A standard N.F.T. system, four 1-metre gullies and twenty 5 cm net pots.

N.F.T. hydroponic system with four 1-metre long gullies and 20 pots. In just 1 metre X 75 cm and a height of 50 cm you can use the N.F.T. system to grow 20 lettuce or aromatic plants . You can either start from the germination of the seeds inside the rockwool cubes or you can buy the plant ready to be transplanted in a garden centre. In this last case you just have to remove the soil covering the roots and put the plant inside a net pot, filling the empty spaces with expanded clay.
The 900-l/h submersion pump is incredibly quiet. Every hour the nutrient solution is pumped for a 30 minutes time period in two periods of 15 minutes each and only during the daylight thanks to the digital timer we supply.
The 50-liter reservoir is made of plastic with food certificate (as are the gullies) and has a capacity that allows you to stay away from home for three weeks, during which the system does not run out of water and nutrient solution.
We supply pots inclusive of spare parts.