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Systems for Home Greenhouse: the Foundations

Systems for Home Greenhouse: the Greenhouse



Hydroponic system inside a 5mX4m polycarbonate greenhouse.
Five-hundred-litre underground reservoir, 4.5-metre outside gullies to grow lettuce and aromatic herbs, 4 central gullies with drippers and run-to-waste system to grow green beans, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers with stakes to support each plant.
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Our Modular System

How to enlarge an existing hydroponic system in a very simple way: by making it higher.


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System example 2

Here is an example of a 3mx3m polycarbonate greenhouse system.
The picture shows the system assembling.


Here are the first assembling phases, during which plants are planted.

Detail of a run-to-waste hydroponic system

Here is a detail of the adjustable drippers from 0 to 8 L/h.