About us


Our company has a sound experience in the field of plastic and metal construction, a sector in which it has been working for over 30 years.
We employed our professionalism and experience to design and manufacture a certified quality product.
Hydroinvent comes from a deep passion for gardening and vegetable growing combined with hydroponic and aeroponic soilless culture.
All systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Italy using non-toxic materials with food certificates.
We offer mainly systems for balconies, small gardens or home greenhouses. Medium or big greenhouses are designed according to the dimensions of the area and the plants to be grown.
Hydroinvent designs and manufactures the following products:
Standard hydroponic systems, both N.F.T. and aeroponic: indoor systems, for balconies or small home greenhouses;
Turnkey hydroponic systems for big areas designed in-house;
Tailor-made hydroponic systems;
Greenhouses construction service.
We also offer the following services:
After sales consultancy;
Design service.
Explore our website to find out more about our company and products. Discover what we do and what we can do for you. If you wish to get further information, please contact us at info@hydroinvent.com.