Idroponica,Thanet Earth

In Inghilterra, un'area grande come 7 campi da calcio dedicata alla coltivazione idroponica.

Thanet Earth is the UK's largest single production site growing salad crops under glass. By 'salads' we mean tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers (not leafy greens such as lettuce).

We have planning permission for 7 commercial greenhouses, and anticipate that each will be planted with a single crop type - so growing just one product, but possibly growing a number of different varieties of that product. For example, the pepper greenhouse currently grows a mixture of red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers, mini peppers and the supersweet varieties.

Peppers Growing

The tomato greenhouses currently grows nine different varieties - from large vine tomatoes down to baby plum, Sunstream and the deliciously sweet little Piccolo variety.

Cucumbers are produced from late January through to November. We don't use specialist varieties as such, but we'll replant twice during the season to replace tired plants and keep a seamless supply of cucumbers. At the height of the summer it takes just fourteen days for a cucumber to go from flower to harvest.


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