If you are looking for a hydroponic system manufacturer, you have come to the right place.
Hydroinvent has the perfect solution for you. N.F.T. hydroponic systems, run-to-waste hydroponic systems or Aeroponic systems: we offer solutions that are simple to assemble and use, but tested to get excellent productivity.
The experience in hydroponic and soilless culture we gained over the years makes it possible for us to produce low-cost systems, which nevertheless produce great yields.
We design systems for horticulture and floriculture extensive production and we cooperate with other firms to provide crop-growing, lighting and greenhouse heating systems.
We adapt the knowledge we acquired in industrial soilless culture in order to manufacture small garden systems and balcony gardening solutions, which make it possible to grow crops at home.



Very simple to assemble and an extremely low need of maintenance: these features make HydroNFT our most wanted and appreciated hydroponic system.
The nutrient solution is pumped into the gullies lying on a tray, which is placed at an angle, and flows in the opposite direction watering the roots of the plants, providing them with water and all the nutrients they need to grow, which are dissolved in the solution itself.
The nutrient solution comes then to a drain tube where it is filtered, treated with UV rays to eliminate the pathogens that are harmful for the produce (feature available for the largest systems) and collected in a reservoir, which restores the solution pH and nutrient concentration, so that it can be recirculated.
These systems can be ordered also as Aeroponic model, in which the sprayers inserted into the gullies create a mixture of water and nutritive solution that makes it possible to get the best root oxygenation, thus improving the wellbeing of the plants.


Hydroinvent has developed systems to get the maximum yield by taking cuttings.
The use of rock wool and of a special rooting solution will make the cutting rooting time shorter. The cutting can then be moved and grow in the soil or keep developing inside a soilless system.


Hydroinvent designs and manufactures hydroponic systems for intensive production, which are tailored on the client’s demand to meet their needs in terms of size.
We cooperate with a firm that produces systems for the management of the nutritive solution to provide our clients with a system including pH, EC and temperature controllers.



We offer both N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique) and run-to-waste hydroponic systems.
In a run-to-waste hydroponic system the solution drains directly through a dripper into every single pot, thus reducing transplant stress and making it possible to maximise the yields of plants with superior root development.
The run-to-waste system is the best soilless system as far as yields are concerned. This is due to the use of an inert material that supports the plant inside the pot and oxygenates the roots, which is extremely favourable to the plant wellbeing.
The germination can be carried out either inside the rock wool cube or directly inside the 1.3 litre pot, in both cases in the seedbed. Then it is placed inside the system. This makes it possible to make growing up to five times quicker than what happens with traditional crop-growing methods. The system is made in Italy, as are the plastic raw materials we use, which are absolutely non-toxic and have food certificates.

Industrial systems

  • Work in progress: N.F.T. hydroponic system on 3 levels

    Assembling of the system supporting structure.

  • Industrial systems

    Hydroinvent designs and manufactures systems for protected cropping in greenhouses on request of the client.We design and manufacture systems for greenhouse

  • Italian quality

    All plastic and metal components are designed and manufactured in Italy using the best technology. The whole production process, from the extrusion of the pla

  • Production capacity

    After agreeing on the project, Hydroinvent manufactures your system in a very short time while keeping a high quality level. This is achieved thanks to the impl

  • We Start From Your Greenhouse

    Thanks to its modular system, Hydroinvent can transform your existing greenhouse into an absolutely modern soilless culture area.

  • We Save Energy

    Using systems on more levels and last generation lighting systems you can reduce heating costs dramatically while keeping a high production capacity per cubic m

  • Greater flexibility

    The demand of the vegetable market changes. Therefore, prices and profits change, as well. We offer you special pots that make it possible to grow different veg

Home systems

NFT System

  • N.F.T. Hydroponic Systems

    N.F.T. hydroponic systems are the cheapest, easiest and most productive soilless culture systems. The nutrient solution is pumped through the fill tube lying

  • NET pots

    When used for home systems, the N.F.T. hydroponic system employs 5 cm pots, so that the roots can grow without getting tangled.The 5 cm pot is used mainly to

  • HydroNFT115

    A standard N.F.T. system, three 1-metre gullies and fifteen 5 cm net pots.

  • The modular solution Hydroinvent

    The Hydroinvent modular project allows to compose the track number and the same length. The wire is cut in the head width measurement system and creates the pr

  • HydroNFT120

    A standard N.F.T. system, four 1-metre gullies and twenty 5 cm net pots.

  • HydroNFT240

    A standard N.F.T system, four 2-metre gullies and forty 5 cm net pots.

  • HydroNFT260

    A standard N.F.T system, six 2-metre gullies and sixty 5cm net pots.

  • N.F.T. and run-to-waste hybrid systems

    As our systems are modular, our customers can set up a system with both N.F.T. and run-to-waste features, in order to grow different plants using only one syste

  • System assembling

    A system with freshly planted vegetables!

  • System example

    Here is an example of a hybrid system, mainly an N.F.T. system with 5 cm pots.

  • NFT version 1

    The systems available on stock with the version 1 gully (1 metre x 6 pots) are the models with 18, 24 and 36 pots, with 3, 4 and 5 gullies respectively.

  • NFT version 2

    The systems available on stock with the version 2 gully (2 metres x 12 pots) are the models with 36, 48 and 72 pots, with 3, 4 and 5 gullies respectively. Pi

  • System example

    Example of a hybrid system for home greenhouse.Twelve run-to-waste pots with drippers to grow tomatoes, peppers or similar plants, and 32 N.F.T. pots on two lev

Aeroponic System

  • Aeroponic Systems

    Sprayers, a high-pressure pump and a timer are the features of an aeroponic system. With a system of this kind, the roots are sprayed regularly and directly,

  • The modular solution Hydroinvent

    With the modular system manufactured by Hydroinvent you can make up your own system choosing the number of gullies and their length.The main gully is cut on t

  • The sprayers

    Sprayers snap into place in the gully and can be easily pulled out to be cleaned.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    Hydroinvent manufactures directly all the material necessary for its systems using computer control machines. All tailor-made solutions, as well as solutions de

  • Yield capacity

    We process orders for big systems quickly using the newest extrusion machines, which allow us to produce a great number of items while keeping a high quality st

  • The modularity of the system

    The RTW, as the NFT and aeroponico thanks to the modular system can be applied in the desired size. The wire head is standard in stock from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 posit

RTW System

  • Run-to-waste Hydroponic System

    Layout of a run-to-waste hydroponic system with recirculating nutritive solution.If you need to grow medium or long crop cycle vegetables, a closed-cycle run-

  • The Modular System

    Due to its modular framework, our run-to-waste system, like our N.F.T. and aeroponic systems, can be requested in the size that best fits your needs.The stand

  • Technology for everybody

    The technology of soilless culture used for home systems.Using the same technology of industrial systems, we can produce smaller systems for terraces, small gar

  • HydroRTW120

    A standard run-to-waste system, four 1-metre gullies and twenty 8 cm net pots.

  • HydroRTW240

    A standard run-to-waste system, four 2-metre gullies and forty 8 cm net pots

  • HydroRTW260

    A standard run-to-waste system, six 2-metre gullies and sixty 8 cm net pots.

  • Home Systems

    Request a system according to your space and needs.Now we offer also hybrid systems with both run-to-waste pots to grow tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and all

  • Systems for Big Areas

    Low expenses allow you to turn existing greenhouses with soil culture into a modern soilless hydroponic system.The system supporting structure is made of zinc

  • Hybrid systems

    We can manufacture systems working in several ways.The picture shows the section of a system under construction: a R.T.W. part with drippers to grow aubergine

Hydroponic design

  • Design systems

    Thanks to its experience in soilless culture, Hydroinvent has developed three new systems for people who have a little garden or do not have it at all, but wish

  • HydroScale x16 PVC

    HydroScale makes it possible to grow a good number of plants in a reduced space and in a nice-looking system. The system can be easily assembled on a balcony or

  • HydroScaleX16 with 110w neon lamp stimulating plant growth

    Indoor hydroponic system with 16 pots and neon lamp.

  • HydroScale X16 wood

    Hydroscale x16 Wood: the best technology for soilless culture combined with the elegance of a design system.Thanks to its experience in soilless culture, Hydr

  • HydroPyramid X28 PVC

    Terrace system with 28 pots and non-toxic PVC gullies and reservoir combined with a resistant natural PVC framework that makes this system indestructible and re

  • HydroScale X32 PVC

    Exclusive system with gullies and reservoir of non-toxic material and indestructible PVC framework for 32 pots. System width: 120 cm (it can be changed on r

  • Covered gullies

    On request, we can supply gullies covered with our textures or with textures chosen by the customer.The gullies are covered through a special process that avo

  • Pots for growing

    Offered exclusively by Hydroinvent: our coloured pots for hydroponic. Efficiency and design.Choose your favourite pots and create your system!


  • eCommerce

    Visit our online shop and buy safely. You will find our hydroponic systems, lighting systems, nutrient solutions and everything you need for a successful soille